• Atrinova
Bajcsy-zsilinszky ut 42-46, 1054 Budapest


high profile office building

Atrinova office building offers approximately 10,500 sqm office space with outstanding internal and external architectural features.
It contains a large atrium providing excellent natural daylight to all floors and double height entrance hall with prestigious central reception area.
The technology in the building is state-of-the-art. With flexible partitioning system any spatial configuration of the rental space is possible.

Technical Specifications

Facts and Highlights

  • 4-pipe air conditioning, in each office unit separately controllable

  • Washroom and kitchenettes for exclusive use in lease premises

  • Acoustic isolation

  • Access control system with badge readers

  • Dual electric feed

  • 3 passenger lifts and 1 freight lift

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Floor cable conduits

  • Atrinova


We Offer

  • 24-hour reception and security services

  • In-house cafè

  • Easy access for disabled persons

  • Lounge area next to the cafè

  • Conference room (90 people)

  • Spectacular foyer

  • In-house post office

  • Secure underground parking

  • Atrinova
  • Atrinova
  • Atrinova
  • Atrinova
  • Atrinova
  • Atrinova


1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-zsilinszky ut 42-46
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